Here is a quick comparison of these two pens.
Both are German made. Cheyenne is made by MT derm which also makes some PMU specific machines such as Ameia.

They both take cartridges, although the Purebeau is smaller (compatible with Noveau Contour cartridges) and the Cheyenne’s are larger (compatible with T-Tech and Southern Tattoo Supply)

They both plug into the Cheyenne power supply.

The Purebeau is slimmer and feels more like a pen, whereas the Cheyenne is thicker and feels more like a tattoo grip.

While the Purebeau is noticeably quieter, you will notice that when placed on the table they seem to vibrate with about the same intensity. Clearly this isn’t a super scientific experiment, but it appears to me that there is no difference in the intensity of the vibration.

Cost of the hand piece:
Purebeau $1350
Cheyenne $650

Cartridge cost:
Cheyenne about $3
Purebeau about $11

Final thoughts:
I love my Purebeau pen for how quite it is. Especially when tattooing someone who is very nervous (particularly in the eyes) the silence is GOLDEN, however I feel that the Cheyenne is more powerful and I like the versatility. Also the cost per machine and per cartridge is significantly lower. I also like a larger grip size. Coming from a tattoo background I prefer the larger size as I find the slim pen design gives me hand cramps after long periods of use.
The Cheyenne pen SOUNDS like it is vibrating a lot but I don’t really notice it while I am using it.

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