This weekend was the launch class for TTFTPCP.  When I set out to put this class together I wanted it to be fun, but I also wanted PMU artists to learn some of the things I know as a tattoo artist.  I find that in the forums many of the PMU artists don’t really have a grasp of needles- like what the difference is between a liner and a shader, what different grouping do and which to use for different techniques etc.  I also wanted the my students to be able to look at a brow or lip or liner and be able to determine which techniques could have been used to create that effect.logo

While putting20160709_102347 together the class outline, one of my tattoo artist colleagues said “Oh My God! you’re going to teach these women to TATTOO!!” Well, yes, sort of.  Tattoo artists have always been a little skeptical of PMU artists, mostly because the PMU training is only 5-15 days at best where as a tattoo apprenticeship is roug20160709_102337hly a year long.  Tattoo artists, for a long time didn’t even consider PMU artists tattooists.  With so many PMU artists crossing over into traditional tattoo machines, needles and even pigments I thought it was important for someone to teach WHAT all these cool things actually do and how to use them.

20160709_170545I am really proud of this class Tattoo Techniques for the Permanent Cosmetic Professional.  It incorporates all the elements of tattooing from machines and needles to how to create a perfect line, how to lay a solid fill and how to shade, but it also teaches really important stuff what exactly a blow out is (no one will ever be able to look at jello the same a20160709_172744gain!) and how to dissect a tattoo and break it down into its techniques and layers.

At the end of the class the students were give practice pads with sugar skull designs 20160709_170501stenciled on them.  I gave them an array of needles and pigments and allowed them to use their new knowledge to tattoo these designs using any needle and technique combinations they wanted.  I certainly had a bit of a giggle to hear some the the students say “wow, this is hard!” but I also heard a lot of “ah ha!” moments going on as the info clicked and fell into place.


All in all I think the class was a great success and I have already announced the next date which will be September 10, 2016 in Staten Island NY
If you are interested in taking this class, or if you would like to have me come to your studio to teach it, please email