Advanced Brow Techniques: Microblading (Manual Hairstroke)


Microblading is the hottest manual (no machine required) technique in permanent brows right now.  Learn to create crisp, realistic hair strokes that mimic natural hairs so well even you wont be able to tell the difference!

What is Microblading?
How is it different from traditional tattooing? How is it the same?
The Needles
How and when to use different needle sizes and configurations
The Hand Tool
Proper stroke skills
Recreating natural hair pattern
Creating depth and dimension
Working with alopecia and scars
Choosing colors
The Grid for Drawing perfect brows in 5 min or less-Guaranteed!
Aftercare and followup

Includes training manual, gift bag with all the tools used in training and a starter needle set and  a must have pigment set.
This class is 2 full days including hands on with at least 1 model

*You must have proof of fundamental training to take this class
**This is offered 1-to-1 or small group


Intensive Two Day, 1-On-1 Training available at your location (US locations only).  To sign up for this Training you must have Basic Fundamentals and at least 2 years post training experience.  You must also have all required licenses, insurance and permits for your State/County.