All About the Brows Fundamental Course


This course fulfills the 100 hour fundamental requirement and includes powdered brows, haristrokes with machine and microblading/microstroking and corrections

Microblading has become incredibly popular and everyone everywhere is asking for it.  To capitalize on this boom in the beauty biz there are many training who are offering 1/2/3 day microblading classes.  One of the biggest problems with these trainings is that some of the trainers present this technique as being semi-permanent and NOT tattooing.  The truth is that it most certainly IS tattooing (any time pigment is implanted in the skin it is tattooing regardless of the tool) and is therefore subject to regulations by your state, city and county for tattooing and tattoo artists.

Although regulations vary greatly from state/city/county, and some areas may have no regulations at all, you should be aware that in many places a 100 hour fundamental permanent makeup course is required.  In states like NJ 100 fundamental hours, a 1 year apprenticeship, and membership to either the AAM or SPCP is required (both of which require 100 fundamental hours). And finally, most insurance agencies also require a 100 hour fundamental course-and believe me, if you are microblading with only 3 days of training you are going to need a good insurance policy.

So what I’m trying to say is:  2 or 3 day training in microblading technique is NOT nearly enough information.  It’s enough to get you started, but to be successful, you are going to need more.  Unfortunately this is not just my opinion.  Everyday I see ladies who have trained in microblading in the online forums asking very basic and rudimentary questions, begging for help when things go wrong or when unexpected outcomes arise.  As an experienced tattoo artist, pmu tech and microblader, I can tell you that most of these questions are things that should have been taught as fundamentals.

It’s sad that these ladies are being preyed on by trainers charging thousands of dollars and promising outrageous salaries-and like I mentioned, some are not even able to legally practice their new trade because they are unable to obtain a tattoo license or permit for their salon due to inadequate training.

For more information about the SPCP visit
This course takes place in NYC.  You are required to obtain a NYC tattoo license (either 2 year, or 7 day temporary) prior to beginning a fundamentals course. For more info go to

This course is designed to give you all the basic fundamentals that you need to have a successful brow career including

Introduction to Permanent Cosmetics
Disinfection / Sterilization
Clients/Medical Contraindications
Basic Color Theory / Understanding Skin Tones/Pigment Selection
Skin anatomy
Machines and Manual Tattooing
Understanding Needles
Office set-up
Client Documentation/Photos/Intake Forms
Corrective Techniques
Live models/Observed Practice (you must perform 4 full eyebrow procedures)
Insurance/Handling Disgruntled Customers
Industry Ethics and Standards

Fundamental training: 7 days incorporating more than 100 hours including hands on modules, live model training. This course adheres to the SPCP fundamental requirements.

You will receive:
Textbook (from
Training Manual
Practice Kit
Pigment Starter Kit
Machine, Needles and Power Supply
Client Forms
Completion Certificate
1 Year SPCP Membership (
All necessary tools and materials
Ongoing support

Cost for Fundamental Training is $5,995.00
A deposit of $2,500 is required to receive all home study materials and to pick training dates. The balance can be split into to two payments thereafter.

Class Dates

Location: Flawless Staten Island, PMU Training Center. Staten Island NY

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