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All About the Brows Fundamental Training

This is a 100+ hour fundamentals course with a focus on BROWS only.  Lips and eyeliner are NOT included in this course.

Model days are scheduled individually when the student shows proficiency in the hands-on modules.

Students do not receive a certificate of completion until they have completed all 10 days of training including hands on modules, models and pass the exam with a 90% or higher.

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Day one
Intro and Theory

Day two
Theory and hands-on

Day three
Theory and hands-on

Day four
Powder brows

Day five
Machine Hairstrokes

Day six

Day seven
Combination Brows

Day eight
Live models

Day nine
Live models

Day ten
Live models


TeachMePMU Fundamental Training  includes a minimum of 100 hours including hands on modules, live model training and home study and practice modules.

This course adheres to the SPCP fundamental requirements.

Please be aware some of the modules are completed online.

A fundamentals course is required for advanced technique classes including microblading.

Elsa and Angela Torresiani, CPCP Instructors

Cost: $3,995 small group | $6,995 1-on-1


  • All course materials
  • Manual
  • SPCP Fundamentals Text Book and workbook
  • Certificate
  • On-going Support

Add a starter kit $1999


  • PermaPen by Permablend Machine with Wireless Battery
  • Critical Atom power supply
  • 5 boxes of cartridge needles
  • Essentials pigment kit from PermaBlend
  • Tools and additional supplies

Please be aware that not all states or counties require formal fundamental training or licensing, however those that do require a minimum of 100 basic hours and most insurance companies also require a basic fundamental course of 100 or more hours. 
Microblading/Microstroking IS in fact tattooing and therefore practitioners are required to have tattoo license, tattoo permits for their business and tattoo insurance.  2-3 day microblading courses are advanced training and should not be taken without a basic fundamental course.  Please consider this before being sold a course like this, as your state/county may prohibit you from practicing this technique and you may not be able to find an insurance company to insure you without basic fundamentals.