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Tattoo Techniques for the Permanent Cosmetic Professional 7/9/2016

This weekend was the launch class for TTFTPCP.  When I set out to put this class together I wanted it to be fun, but I also wanted PMU artists to learn some of the things I know as a tattoo artist.  I find that in the forums many of the PMU artists don’t really have […]

Correcting Thin Lip with Contour Technique

Correction of a cool and thin lip using a contour lip technique to extend the vermilion border and cupids bow, creating a fuller and more balanced looking lip. Cheyenne pen, Cheyenne power supply, 110hz. 1RL and 5RS.

Hairstrokes using Cheyenne Pen

This client had dark saturated brows that I lightened through saline removal in 3 sessions. We attempted hairstrokes with microblading method and they did not heal strong enough, so we decided to do them again with the machine. Cheyenne Pen at 110hz 1RL At the end I checked the hair strokes with a white LED […]

Comparison of Purebeau Cartridge Machine VS Cheyenne Pen

Here is a quick comparison of these two pens. Both are German made. Cheyenne is made by MT derm which also makes some PMU specific machines such as Ameia. They both take cartridges, although the Purebeau is smaller (compatible with Noveau Contour cartridges) and the Cheyenne’s are larger (compatible with T-Tech and Southern Tattoo Supply) […]