You do not need any prior training or experience to to enroll in a fundamentals course, however we do  require  a basic artistic  proficiency evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for fundamental training.

To register for a fundamentals course click on the registration link for the specific class date you wish to attend on the Training Schedule

Advanced Training and Workshops

Proof of a basic fundamental course is required before taking any advanced courses. 
Cosmetology or Esthetician licenses are helpful in understanding skin and aesthetics but do not replace a fundamental course in PMU.

To register for an advanced course or workshop, click the registration link for teh specific class date you wish to attend on the Training Schedule

Permanent Makeup/Microblading is Tattooing, therefore a tattoo license is required and you must meet the requirements and regulations of your state/county for tattooing. [ SPCP Microblading Fact Sheet ]
It is the student’s responsibility to find out what licenses, permits and other requirements are needed to obtain to perform Permanent Makeup/Microblading in the area they intend to work.

If your class includes live models you must obtain a NYC tattoo license or temporary permit


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