This course is only offered at select times throughout the year – space is limited and for advanced technicians only.

Micro-Pigmentation Centre in partnership with renowned restorative artist Elsa Torresiani (CPCP, SPCP / New York) offers an advanced, specialized hands-on 3-day course for Stretch Mark, Scar Revisions & Scar Camouflage. 

This is transformative training that can change lives when properly applied. Introduction to Dermatude META Therapy is also included for a well-rounded education into scars, skin and camouflage treatment outcomes. Student Kit includes: SPCP camouflage book, manual composed from Elsa’s training and techniques, all supplies used in the training, Micro-Pigments® Camouflage collection & Micro-Dilution kit, Micro-Pigments® book & reference guide, practice skin for working in class, USB with editable consent & release forms, certification and ongoing access to support.

Dates: February 22-24, 2022
Location: Toronto Canada