Fundamental Training



Please be aware that not all states or counties require formal fundamental training or licensing, however those that do require a minimum of 100 basic hours and most insurance companies also require a basic fundamental course of 100 or more hours. 
Microblading/Microstroking IS in fact tattooing and therefore practitioners are required to have tattoo license, tattoo permits for their business and tattoo insurance.  2-3 day microblading courses are advanced training and should not be taken without a basic fundamental course.  Please consider this before being sold a course like this, as your state/county may prohibit you from practicing this technique and you may not be able to find an insurance company to insure you without basic fundamentals.

Fundamentals do not require any previous experience.  You will be taught everything you need as a foundation for a career in Permanent Cosmetics.
The course is comprised of 130 hours of instruction and practice  including hands on practice modules and live models. Although it is not required, you are strongly urged to come to my clinic to observe procedures as often as possible-this is available to you for up to one year after training, however phone and email support is ongoing.
All materials, tools, and equipment is provided to you including text books, manuals and a 1 year membership in the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals association.
For more information about the SPCP visit
The course takes place in NYC.  You are required to obtain a NYC tattoo license (either 2 year, or 7 day temporary) prior to beginning a fundamentals course. For more info go to

Introduction to Permanent Cosmetics
Disinfection / Sterilization
Clients/Medical Contraindications
Basic Color Theory / Understanding Skin Tones/Pigment Selection
Skin anatomy
Machines and Manual Tattooing
Understanding Needles
Office set-up
Client Documentation/Photos/Intake Forms
Corrective Techniques
Live models/Observed Practice (1 full day each: eyeliner, lips, brows)
Insurance/Handling Disgruntled Customers
Industry Ethics and Standards
Business set-up/Social Media/Marketing

Fundamental training: 8 days incorporating over 100 hours including hands on modules, live model training and home study and practice modules. This course adheres to the SPCP fundamental requirements.
A fundamentals course is required for advanced technique classes including microblading.

You will receive:
Training Manual
Practice Kit
Pigment Starter Kit
Machine, Needles and Power Supply
Client Forms
Completion Certificate
1 Year SPCP Membership
All necessary tools and materials
Ongoing support

Cost for Fundamental Training is $7,995.00
A deposit of $2,500 is required to receive all home study materials.

Location: Flawless Staten Island, PMU Training Center

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