Proof of Training and Certification

Before you can register for an advanced training course or workshop you must submit proof of 100 fundamental training hours (at least 65 class hours) including hands on with live models OR equivalent (apprenticeship, work experience, etc)
Advanced courses are designed with the implication of basic fundamental training.

If you do not have a foundation training, consider a fundamentals course.

If you plan to come to my location (NYC) for training you must first apply for a NYC tattoo license by visiting there is a 2 year tattoo artist ( and a 7 days temporary permit (–temporary), either is sufficient.

If you are interested in having me come to your location you must be licensed based on your local laws and your work space must meet local regulations (ie no basement or livingroom “clinics”). You must also carry proper PMU insurance.

Failure to comply may result in cancellation of class and forfeiture of deposit and other payments.



Thanks for understanding.


Angela Gates, CPCP