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In the permanent makeup world we call regular tattoo artists “body tattoo artists” or “traditional tattoo artists”.  I worked as a traditioanl tattoo artist for 7 years before gettign involved with PMU.
At the time I thought I could just tattoo makeup the same way I tattoo the body…well, I was wrong.
There are tons of little nuances that make tattooing the face (for makeup) much different that tattooing traditionally and there are some very important “no-no’s” tht I never knew as a tattoo artist, that can really produce bad results.

So, if you are a traditional tattoo artist interested in learning permanent makeup-from someone who has worked on both sides of the industry-then this course is for you.  It is a bare bones “What you need to know” course without all the extra info that a newbie would need to learn.  I can teach you techniques using your preferred machine (rotary, digital or coil) including the very popular microblading/microstroking technique.