Workshops are classes with hands on practice components but do not include work on live models
Although a basic fundamental course is required to register for a workshop, any experience level can attend.
All required materials are provided and a certificate of attendance is given to all participants.

Our Signature Workshops

Tattoo Techniques For the Permanent Cosmetic Professional
*Also available as an online course
A 2 day workshop with lots of hands on practice covering everything from machines and needles to pigments and techniques. This is a must have course for beginners and experienced techs. Perfect for microbladers looking to learn machine skills.

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Luscious Lips
Luscious Lips hands on workshop with Angela Torresiani, CPCP.
You will learn all my tips and secrets for creating beautiful, luscious lips with minimal swelling and maximum retention. Basic anatomy Contraindications Drawing and symmetry Correcting and Neutralizing.

Hands on drills (practice pads) This workshop is for those with basic fundamental training only. 
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Microblade Refresher
For those who have taken a previous course in microblading but still need to improve your skills. Get my tips and secrets for crisp strokes and great retention. Basic anatomy Contraindications Technical skills Drawing and symmetry Stroke drills Pattern drills Manual, hands on practice (pads only), live demo, materials, certificate and lunch included

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