Sculpted x Permablend Embody Lip Set



After six years of research and four years of development and testing, Sculpted and Perma Blend are proud to release the first pigments specially formulated to work with the lip membrane that are also based on Sculpted’s true color theory system born from our art. Each pigment can be used alone or combined with other pigments from either set to achieve stunning results on all lip clients. The magic of your art is now in your control. Created by world renowned artist, trainer and pioneer Carla Ricciardone.

EMBODY is a full range of vibrant colors, complete with three additional pigments designed to help you modify your pigment’s value.


  • Ideal for customizing your work for cool/dark-tone lips by allowing you to consider the client’s undertone, temperature, saturation, and value when creating your pigment mix.

  • Use what you need without one size fits all solutions or redundant or unwanted colorants.

  • Designed for optimal ink flow, incredible working experience

  • Works great with any needle size or grouping

  • Highest quality ingredients

  • REACH Compliant

*Combine EMBODY with ENHANCE for limitless possibilities! Using both sets together gives you an even wider range of customizable mixes.  ENHANCE is also going to be your next step in completed neutralization. 

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 1.5 in


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