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We offer all levels of training from basic fundamentals to advanced courses and refresher workshops.  Courses are available in small group, 1-on-1 and online.

Our Trainers

Our Facility

Our Training facility is located at Flawless Permanent Cosmetics and Spa in the Great Kills section of Staten Island, NY. The modern, upscale spa is clean, professional and meets all NYC regulations. The 500 sqft training room is spacious and can accommodate students and models comfortably.
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The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals

We are proud SPCP trainer and supplier members

Why is that important?
With so many people offering training, it’s difficult to choose which one is right for you.
The SPCP require it’s trainer members to maintain membership in good standing,  have a minimum of 5 years experience, pass and maintain the CPCP certification,  complete the  “Train the Trainer” course and accept and adhere to the SPCP code of ethics.
Additionally, the  SPCP require fundamental training courses to be at least 100 hours and require hands on, in person modules with live models.

Train with us

To see our upcoming training courses please visit the Training Schedule

We Offer The Following Fundamental Courses

* Permanent Cosmetic Fundamentals (includes lips, eyeliner and essential brows)
Brows only Fundamentals (includes powder brow (ombre) hairstroke brows, combo brows, microblading and corrections
* Scar Camo/Revision Fundamentals

All fundamental courses meet or exceed the 100 hour minimum and are required before taking advanced level courses.

Below is a listing of our signature classes.
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We also host other artists at our facility.

Please check the Training Schedule for all upcoming classes.

Advanced Eyeliner Techniques  (2 day with live models)

Advanced Brow Techniques  (2 day ombre/powdered or hairstroke with live models)

Advanced Techniques: Microblading  (2 day Microblading with live models)

Basic Microneedling  (1 day, with models)

Advanced Microneedling  (1 day, with models)

Procell Microchanneling  (1 day with model)

Li-FT Saline Removal  (1 day, with models)

Advanced Techniques-Corrections  (1 day no models)

Fundamentals in Scar Camouflage (3 days, with models)

Workshops are classes with hands on practice components but do not include work on live models
Although a basic fundamental course is required to register for a workshop, any experience level can attend.

Our Signature Workshops

Tattoo Techniques for the Permanent Cosmetic Professional
*Also available as an online course
A 2 day workshop with lots of hands on practice covering everything from machines and needles to pigments and techniques. This is a must have course for beginners and experienced techs. Perfect for microbladers looking to learn machine skills.

Luscious Lips 
Luscious Lips is a 2 day, hands on workshop. You will learn  tips and secrets for creating beautiful, luscious lips with minimal swelling and maximum retention. Basic anatomy Contraindications Drawing and symmetry Correcting and Neutralizing.
Hands on drills (practice pads) This workshop is for those with basic fundamental training only. If you would like to work on live models you can add a day to this workshop 

Microblade Refresher
For those who have taken a previous course in microblading but still need to improve your skills. Get my tips and secrets for crisp strokes and great retention. Basic anatomy Contraindications Technical skills Drawing and symmetry Stroke drills Pattern drills Manual, hands on practice (pads only).

Our training calendar and upcoming group classes and workshops

For those with basic fundamental training, we offer online courses

Proof of a basic fundamental course is required before taking any advanced courses. Basic fundamental courses need to be a minimum of 100 training hours.
Cosmetology or Esthetician licenses are helpful in understanding skin and aesthetics but do not replace a fundamental course in PMU.
PMU/Microblading is Tattooing, therefore a tattoo license is required and you must meet the requirements and regulations of your state/county for tattoo. [ SPCP Microblading Fact Sheet ]
If your class includes live models you must obtain a NYC tattoo license or temporary permit

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We love hosting trainers at our training academy in Staten Island, NY for both beginner level and advanced level courses!
Our beautiful facility is easy to get to from all NYC airports and can hold up to 20 students comfortably. 
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Li-FT® at TeachMePMU®

Li-FT® Saline Removal

We are proud to be Li-FT® Certified Trainers!


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